A Few Words About the “Anti-Cord-Cutting Gang”

Will streaming replace TV broad-or-cable-casting? Should it? The battle over cord-cutting is just beginning, and it’s already overheating.  Some people say you can recognize desperate organizations by the lies they tell, but how do we spot the lies? Oh, right. They’re the ones who’ve been holding all the power and realize how quickly it’s slipping away.

NBC’s Latest Anti-Cord Cutting Story
by Luke Bouma

NBC just can’t seem to help but attack cord cutting. This week NBC published their 3rd anti-cord cutting story of the year all pushing the idea that cable TV is cheaper than cord cutting.

This time, NBC’s Sam Thielman released a story titled “The Disney+ rollout shows the streaming wars are over. Viewers lost.” As you would expect, many cord cutters pushed back on this idea. According to NBC you will need to pay $125 a month to be a cord cutter.

According to NBC if you want to cut the cord you need to get:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • CBS All Access
  • Hulu
  • ESPN+
  • Disney+
  • HBO Max
  • Peacock From NBC
  • Home Internet

Here is our breakdown on what NBC got wrong about cord cutting with this story:

Issue #1 Overstating the Cost of Cord Cutting

One common tactic many anti-cord cutting stories use is to overstate the cost of cord cutting. For example, multiple studies have shown that cord cutters subscribe to four or fewer streaming services. Here, NBC lists 8 different services in a effort to push up the cost of TV.

Many of these stories push the idea that you will need every service. According to our readers and other research groups, most cord cutters subscribe to less than four streaming services. When we surveyed our readers, over 91% of them paid for four or fewer services and over 70% of them paid for three or fewer services….

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