Steven Moffat is the Best Children’s Writer We Know

Not to be outdone by RTD, the Moff gives us a deluxe version of a scene intended for way back in the Doctor Who episode “The Eleventh Hour.” This one will make you cry.

NOTE FROM LB: I still prefers Russell T. Davies over Steven Moffat for DOCTOR WHO, but Moff really missed his calling in life by not doing more sensitive and funny writing for kids.

Picture shows: (L-R) The Doctor (MATT SMITH) and Amelia (CAITLIN BLACKWOOD)
TX: BBC ONE Saturday 3rd April 2010

Steven Moffat Pens New Amy Pond Scene
by Adi Tantimedh

Former Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has gone above and beyond again. For the global fan rewatch of his first episode as showrunner “The Eleventh Hour”, he released a new bonus scene.

The ever-prescient Radio Timeswhich has pretty much become Doctor Who’s Pravda, reported the new scene.

“The Raggedy Doctor” is a story from young Amelia Pond’s diary. It takes place after she met the Doctor (Matt Smith) as a child, and he left her waiting for his return. For the next 10 years. But she doesn’t know it would take that long yet. This is during those years between his taking off in the Tardis and returning when she’s grown up. She’s still in primary school. She talks about waiting, and telling her two best friends, Rory and Mels. She doesn’t know yet that Mels is her future daughter Melody Pond, who would grow up to become River Song. It’s a sweet, wistful story, full of yearning and melancholy, waiting for the Doctor to keep his promise and return. If there’s one thing Moffat seems to understand, it’s that you should never break a promise to a child….

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