5 Ways to Reaffirm Your Own Creativity

Cuz we all need to stop neglecting ourselves and get down to the dreaming at hand:


by Jane Porter

Creative work takes time. It’s prone to blockages, inconsistent results, and a long gestation period that can feel like navel gazing. When the work becomes challenging or feels stagnant, it’s tempting to simply abandon it.

Years ago, in one of my first creative writing workshops, I hit a roadblock in a story I was working on and naively felt that my writing had screeched to a standstill. My instructor at the time said something I’ve since reminded myself of often. “What is the thing you most fear–the thing you want to run from?” she asked me. “Write about that.”

Truly creative work requires breaking through barriers. Often, simply knowing what those barriers are to begin with can be half the challenge. There are no easy answers. There’s no one-size-fits-all. But figuring out the root of your block might make getting past it a bit easier.

Here are five places to start:

Your Self-Critic Won’t Shut Up

Every time you sit down to work, that little voice pipes up and starts shooting down one idea after the next. “Most of us are not even aware that it is a voice … because its constant judgments have been with us since early childhood and its running critical commentary feels like a natural part of ourselves,” write Hal and Sidra Stone in their book Embracing Your Inner Critic.

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