Herbie J Pilato: The best thing you can do for your career is to live your life.

liveby Herbie J Pilato

Attachment to anything is never a good thing.

One of my favorite quotes to this regard is from the genius spirit of Confucius who has said, “Lose expectation; gain everything.”

And this may be applied to every aspect of life…and career and how, for a writer, both intertwine moreso than for other professionals (or for anyone at any level of employment).

You can’t wait for your career to flourish for you to begin your life…to find the perfect mate…to write the great American novel…or the great American TV script.

First, you must live the scripts of life to write them; for living is from where your great stories and dialogue stem.

But even just the experience of living fully adds to the writer’s talent – and the writer’s life.

For example, I served as primary caregiver for both my beautiful parents in their later years, and I came to better understand patience, and so much more.

And also, in the process of caring for them, I became a kinder, more understanding, compassionate person (or at least I think I have).

Yes, the stories they told me of their own lives remain precious memories for me, as well as an inspiration for essays, and novels, and scripts…and clearly, blog posts (like this one!).

But again, more than anything – the actual “relating” of my experience with them made me all the “richer” – beyond what any book royalty or script sale could provide.

So, you want to a professional writer?  First, be a personable human being.  Cherish your relationships.  Fill your life up with relationships.

It will all work out in the long run.  You’ll sell that book…attain that staff job on that TV series…and bring more “to the table” than you would have ever thought possible.

You will have your “dream job” – and your “dream life.”   Because, ultimately the two go hand-in-hand.

Many fail or burn-out in the entertainment industry because they lack the solid foundation of reality to help keep them grounded.

So, appreciate the simple things in life….go for an ice cream…take a walk on the beach…have coffee with your neighbors.

Don’t ignore your job or your talent or the time you need to invest in your career; but try not to focus only on these things.

Because the best thing you could really do for career – is to live your life.

Everything else will then fall into place.

And in doing so you will be happy, healthy and fully-prepared to make that acceptance speech when you win your first Emmy or Oscar for best screenplay or teleplay or story.

And you will also be able to sincerely thank the “little,” “big” and “in-between” legitimately beautiful people in your life who helped you along the way to that podium speech.

For as Billy Dee Williams told Diana Ross (if ever so melodramatically) in the classic 1972 feature film, “Mahagony”:

“Success ain’t nothin’….NOTHIN’…unless you got someone to share it with.”

Author: Herbie J Pilato

Writer, Author, Producer, Actor, Singer/Songwriter, Lover of Life