2 Absolutely Essential Writers Guild of America Documents Every TV/Film Writer Should See

Yesterday we wrote about the potential brouhaha, um, brewing between the Writers Guild of America West and the Association of Talent Agents.  That report got us to thinking about all the other ways the WGAs, both West and East help and, for real, protect writers, even those who aren’t members.

Those thoughts have resulted in the following two links that LB and Team TVWriter™ think you should, as Stan Lee might say, “hie thyselves to pronto, pilgrim!”

Firstly, we have a document that answers one of the three questions most asked of all of us associated with this site, namely:

“Where Can I Find an Agent?”

To which we now reply, “No problemo, dood.” The WGAW maintains a constantly updated list of all agents and agencies that have signed the Guild’s Minimum Basic Agreement. Just about all agents who do business with mainstream Hollywood are signatories, and as signatories they’re bound by various regulations designed to, well, to keep writers from being scammed, sold down the river, all those negative things.

You can find the names, addresses, and phone numbers of folks who may someday help your take off in your very own rocket to writing stardom by CLICKING HERE

Well, what’re you doing still reading? Why haven’t you clicked away to the launching pad yet?

Secondly, we have another document answering another of the three mostly frequently asked questions ready for your perusal:

“Where Can I Find a Genuinely Helpful Template for a Contract for My Writing Services?”

The WGAW has ya covered there too, gang. Here, to prepare and guide you in unagented negotiations for both WGA and non-WGA work is The Writers Guild Standard Writing Services Contract form. Just DO THE CLICKING THING HERE

There ya go. As we say in showbiz, “Break a leg.” Oh, and if you find either of these links helpful, please let us, and the WGAW know!

We're looking forward to your comments!

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