10 Things I Learned Producing a Web Series

The following ultra informative article about producing, prepping, and just plain being in showbiz is cleverly disguised as hype for its writer’s web series, CONFESSIONS OF….  Don’t be fooled: This is good stuff.

And, so, actually, is  CONFESSIONS OF A BARTENDER. Whadaya know?

by Cheryl Texiera

Anyone who has ever produced anything knows the title ‘producer’ can also mean: writer, director, actor, wardrobe, casting director, prop master – you get the picture. Amongst all those titles, I got the lucky experience of adding ‘editor’ to my list.

Don’t get me wrong. This was not a one-man job. I have two incredible producers who are part of my team: Ryan Demaree and Peter Marr – and my project would not be what it is today without them.

Even with their help, there was still a lot of room left for some serious growing pains.

It started haphazardly when I was a creatively stifled actor/stressed out bride-to-be with the series: ‘Confessions Of A Bride-To-Be’. I followed that up with the appropriately titled: ‘Confessions Of A Bitter(Sweet) Actress’, which got nominated for a 2014 Independent Television Award for Best Web Comedy.

You’d think that having already gone through this process twice before, the third time around would be easy, but oh how wrong you’d be.

Below is my list of ten things I learned producing Confessions of a Bartender – The Web Series:

1.  Location, Location, Location.

I was once told to never spend money on a location for a web series, I thought that was really sound advice. I will admit, at the time, web series’ had nowhere near the production value they do now – but it stuck with me – and since my budget was incredibly modest – disturbingly modest… it was practically nothing. I took that kernel of wisdom with me and asked the bar I worked at if I could use their space.

After a couple weeks of checking schedules and making sure all the right people were on board, I got incredibly lucky and was able to shoot at Avalon Hollywood. More specifically, we shot in Bardot.

It’s a beautiful nightclub. This web series does not do it justice. If you like lounging, check out Bardot. If you like house music, go to Avalon. You will love it. (Hollywood & Vine.)

This location alone makes Confessions of a Bartender look like it had thousands behind it! Location makes a difference! If you can up your value by calling in a favor to friend with an incredible location – do it!

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