10 Must-Have Apps for Filmmakers

Cuz if you’re a TV writer,  you’re a real filmmaker, dammit, and you should be learning all you can about the big picture of prep, production, and post production as well as creating the blueprint:

Filmmaking-Apps-865x505by Johnathan Paul

Smart phones and tablets are becoming more commonly used on set for a variety of things, such as production documentation and concept viewing. Back in 2014, PremiumBeat writer Caleb Ward wrote an article on 10 Free Apps for Filmmakers. While the free app well is pretty dry, the paid app well is full of options. With that said, we found 10 more must-have apps that every filmmaker should be aware of. Remember, some of these are paid apps, but the time savings could make it fully worth the price tag.

1. DSLR Slate

Slating shots on set is a must if you are only running dual system audio and no scratch track. Even if you are capturing scratch track audio, it’s a good idea to slate; this makes important scene information readily available for the editor and his team. If you don’t have a slate handy, but you have an iPad, then check out DSLR Slate.

Price: $9.99

2. FilmTouch

FilmTouch is a call sheet manager that allows you to import and list your call sheets and crew lists. Get rid of all that paper, and go paperless with this app. You can store crew information, making it easier for you to contact and collaborate with personnel for your next project.

Price: $9.99

3. Shot Designer

Shot Designer gives you the power to create animated camera diagrams. Another awesome feature is the app’s ability to create a shot list and storyboard for the animated diagram you’re creating. This aids the entire production crew and it’s all available right there in one app. Oh, and it’s free!

Price: Free

4. ShotList

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a editable production stripboard. Keep track of your shots and scenes, and make sure your crew is on the same page with you. While Shot Designer can do some of this, ShotList is a little more flexible andeasier to use.

Price: $11.99

5. ShotPro

Another app to consider for pre-visualization is ShotPro. This app gives you the ability to build 3D sets and scenes in a matter of minutes. You can then animate characters, props, lights, and cameras, and then export your creation in seconds.

Price: $29.99

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