10 Best Screenwriting Podcasts for Savvy Screenwriters

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If you’re looking for a screenwriting podcast to enhance your understanding of the craft and business of writing, here’s our choice of the top 10 best screenwriting podcasts you should be listening to.

After the list, we round up some episodes from these screenwriting podcasts according to subject matter—giving you the best screenwriting podcasts on dialogue, character, structure and so on.

So let’s dive on in with a look at the first screenwriting podcast on our (alphabetically ordered) list…

The Business podcast
with Kim Masters

The Business is a weekly interview-based screenwriting podcast hosted by Hollywood Reporter journalist Kim Masters, in which she interviews the cream of Hollywood’s writers, producers, directors and actors.

A typical highlight is the February 2018 episode in which she interviews writer/director Jordan Peele and they talk about how he embraced fear to make Get Out. This podcast isn’t necessarily as screenwriting-focused as some of the others but is still well worth a listen. Subscribe >>

Draft Zero podcast
with Chas Fisher & Stu Willis

This monthly screenwriting podcast is hosted by two Australian screenwriters, Chas Fisher and Stu Willis in which they break down pro screenplays and try to figure out what makes them work.

In any given episode you’ll hear them riffing on subjects such as MacGuffins, creating compelling characters and plot vs. character driven movies. Probably one of the best screenwriting podcasts available if you’re looking for specific discussions on the craft. Subscribe >>

On the Page podcast
with Pilar Alessandra

In Pilar Alessandra’s screenplay podcast, she interviews a different guest each week from the world of writing, directing, acting and producing.

Definitely one of the best screenwriting podcasts on the market that you’d be a fool to miss. Subscribe >>

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