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Nathan Bransford, TVWriter™’s favorite publishing know-it-all, responds to a question we’ve all been asked…almost as much as we ask it ourselves. (Bet you’ve already guessed what it is.)

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by Nathan Bransford

Nearly every author I work with asks me a variation of the same question.

“Is this any good?”

“Should I keep going?”

“Am I wasting my time?”

“Do I have any chance of getting published?”

I always want to be helpful, but these aren’t questions I can really answer.

Will my book become a bestseller? Probably not, but who knows.

Will it get published? Literally no one can give you a definitive answer to that before it goes through the submission process. There are books I thought were surefire bestsellers that busted and there were books I thought would never see the light of day that became blockbusters. Everyone I know in publishing has similar stories.

Should I keep going? Only you can answer that.

Is this going to matter?

Believe me, I understand the impulse behind these questions! I do. I’ve been there. After I pulled the plug on submissions for the first (unpublished) novel I wrote, I felt entirely crazy the whole time I was writing Jacob Wonderbar and the Cosmic Space Kapow.

I thought I was wasting my time. I thought I wasn’t good enough. I kept the whole thing a secret from my friends and family until I actually had an agent because I was scared of seeming like a failure if it didn’t “work out,” whatever that even means….

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