Writing, Pitching & Promoting in the Age of the Coronavirus

LB’s NOTE: Jane Friedman’s powerful writing blog brings us this excellent analysis of how to do business during the COVID-19 age. Big thanks to her and interviewer Sangeeta Mehta!

by Sangeeta Mehta

Like everyone in the book industry, writers have experienced considerable change over the last few months. Although they might be used to working from home, being forced to do so has impaired creativity and made it nearly impossible for some writers to focus. For others, being under lockdown has provided just the right push for them to finally finish their book project and research agents and publishers.

For those writers who are able to work at this time, questions loom:

  • If they’re writing fiction, should they adjust their story to reflect current events?
  • If they’re already published, can they effectively promote their book through social media?
  • What’s the best way to help fellow writers, booksellers, and others who may be struggling?

I asked literary agents Stefanie Sanchez von Borstel of Full Circle Literary and Leslie Zampetti of Dunham Literary, Inc. these and other similar questions, and as with all my Q&As, neither knew the other’s identity until after they submitted their answers.

Please note: Although both agents answered my questions as best as they could when the interview was conducted in May, it’s a very changeable situation. Still, their answers suggest that it’s possible for writers to thrive even during unpredictable times….

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Sangeeta Mehta (@sangeeta_editor), a former acquiring editor of children’s books at Little, Brown and Simon & Schuster, now runs her own editorial services company.