What you need to start your first film

While clicking around the interwebs recently we found this primer for novice filmmakers. And when we say “primer,” we mean “basic.”

And when we say “basic,” we mean “in a webiverse where we often assume visitors to sites like TVWriter™ know way more than they really do, this article is unexpectedly essential to all those who’ve never gone through any form of video-creation process before:”

 What-Do-You-Need-To-Start-Your-First-Filmby Bhushan Mahadani

If You want to start your first film what resources do you need? I am writing just random thoughts. Lets say next week you want to start your first film what will you need. Today you can start filming anytime you want. There are numerous opportunities for upcoming filmmakers and I wanted to discuss here and thats why I ask ,what do you need  Start Your First Film? The answer is very simple. Please also watch the following video.

1) A Story/ Idea

Its not at all necessary that you should have a screenplay ready for your first film. This is just an exercise and you are just testing waters. You can make a documentary or a music video where you don’t have to hire actors. Just go out there look what is interesting and related to your idea and shoot it.

2) A Camera

Most of you must be having a digital camera which have video recording capabilities. Other options are your cell phone /ipad cameras. Go out there and just shoot whatever you like. Just keep in mind don’t take every shot more than 15 seconds. There will be some shots which will be exceptions. Follow your gut.

3) A Computer For Editing

These days everybody has computer.So now you have shot your first film and you want to edit it, so transfer your footage to your computer and use Microsoft Movie Maker which comes inbuilt with your PC. For mac users VideoBlend  is fantastic option. Try to avoid dialogs or voice overs(for the first film). Follow the instructions of the softwares which are very easy. Hurray you have made your first film.

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