We’ll probably never see infinity. But soon we’ll be able to watch INFINITE

infiniteSpaceship-tvwriter.comby Team TVWriter™ Press Service

We’ve just heard from UK filmmaker Paul Cotrulia about his new series, INFINITE, which he describes as “a new British live action spaceship series being made in partnership with Youtube.”

According to Paul, “the series will have the budget and production values of a broadcast television series.” Which TVWriter™ is more than happy to report on…and applaud.

Paul also gave us a little rundown on the cast. The show will star Nicholas Briggs, known to Whovians as the voice of the Daleks and Cybermen in DOCTOR WHO. Briggs will be playing the commander of a mission into a black hole, which sounds pretty cool, no?

Other cast members include Joshua Berg (playing a handsome but brooding cyborg), hot chick Lia Albers as a hot chick crewmember, Joseph Law as a Han Soloesque pilot, and hot chick Helena McColl as a hot android. (Not to be confused with a cyborg, for reasons we’re counting on the series to explain.)

The first trailer is online at this very moment:

It doesn’t really show much (in fact it’s so dark we couldn’t even read the title cards, which kinda makes us nervous), but there’s more to come, including a behind-the-scenes video report in October.

Y’all can subscribe and watch the series for free at its YouTube site and, of course, follow it on Twitter (@series_infinite).