We Aren’t The Only Ones Who Love Chilltown TV


ChilltownTV’s creator/producer/writer/etc. and TVWriter™ contributor Leesa Dean is featured – featured – we say, over at Comedy TV is Dead and we can’t think of more worthy subject of adoration.

Yes, we said “adoration.” What else do you call an article that starts off like this:

Leesa Dean does it all. Chilltown TV is an outstanding animated web series with the kind of laid back pacing and humour that invokes 90?s era MTV greats such as Beavis and Butthead.

Chilltown originated as a cult-hit comic book written by Dean to poke fun at the kind of “hip-hop-heads” she knew whilst growing up, and its success ensured it was hastily picked up by a TV network for adaption into an animated series.

TVWriter™ can’t think of a better cult hero. Go, Leesa, go!

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