TVWriter University Update


Well, it had to happen sometime. We have a sudden cancellation in the upcoming Master Class given by LB his very special self, and that means there’s one surprise opening as of the April 10th starting date.

LB’s Master Class is for pro or pro-level writers only. People you’ve heard of have taken it, for crying out loud, wanting to get Larry’s feedback on various assigned projects before turning in their first drafts.

The class has always been a “by invitation only” kind of thing, but it just seems right to put it out to all our TVWriter™ regulars. (Yeah, somebody here is very into “signs and portents,” but we’re not saying who.)

The Master Class meets once a week for four weeks, for 1, 2, and – sometimes – 3 students. No more. The first week, students submit a first draft, and LB goes through it for all the professional values – plot structure, characterization, dialog – looking at the big picture from the perspective of a working producer.

Subsequent weeks are all about rewriting and polishing. Yes, it’s a lot of work perfecting 30 to 60 pages (depending on whether you’re writing a comedy or a drama) each week, but there’s no other way – and no other place – where you’re going to get this kind of analysis from the Old Pro’s Old Pro. (Un-oh. He’s gonna kill us for calling him that, isn’t he?)

Although we’ve been stressing the professional writer aspect, the Master Class is open to everyone, regardless of writing experience – as long as the writing meets LB’s professional standards. That means that:

A. We really want you to have the opportunity to experience this kind of hands-on work.

B. You’re gonna have to send in a writing sample, preferably of the script you want to workshop, for LB to be able to read and give his nod to it.

More info about what’s in store for you in LB’s Master Class, including the price and all that other mundane stuff, is HERE.

Take a good look and see if it’s for you and if you’re for it. But hurry cuz we’re only 10 days away from the opening gun!

We return you now to your regularly scheduled TVWriter™ly life.

Happy Spring! Especially you lucky bunnies who have Spring Vacation in sight.


LB’s Minions AKA Team TVWriter™