TVWriter™ Is Looking For Writers to Review the New Fall TV Shows


Yeppers, kids, it’s that time again when the TVWriter™ minions put out the call for new troops.

We need fresh blood (not literally, unless LB has something up his sleeve that the rest of us aren’t privy to) to take on the awesomely wonderful gig of watching and reviewing as many new broadcast, cable, and interweb series as possible in the coming months.

We’re talking about reviews of 500 to 750 words (that’s 2 or 3 double-spaced pages) emphasizing not only how good or enjoyable (there’s a difference) the new series are but also why or why not, with an emphasis on the part the writing – as in concept, plotting, and dialog – plays in the mix.

Even though we aren’t offering genuine moolah for the gig, TVWriter™ is happy to confer the title of Contributing Editor to our active columnists and reviewers, and if we ever get a masthead, those Contributing Editors will be right up there. And, of course, being a Contributing Editor can look pretty good on a resume, no? Plus you get to work from home or your favorite coffee house or whatever and – this is the best part – columnists and reviewers get to pick LB’s brain when needed, which is one of the best showbiz and writing resources you’re ever going to find anywhere.

(A note about why we can’t pay. It boils down to the fact that the $$$ just aren’t here. TVWriter™ is an advertising-free zone, deliberately so, to enable those of us who write and edit to feel totally unfettered and free to tell the truth, the whole truth,  and nothing but the truth about everything we present here. The closest things we’ve ever had on this site to ads, actually, have been plugs for TVWriter™’s classes and contests, and our Beloved Leader’s books, which help defray our costs. Oh, and from time to time we’ve written about other sites who are doing things we believe in and doing them, in our opinion, right.)

But we digress. You’ve heard the call. If you want to write for us – and aren’t going to crap out after just a few weeks like, well, let’s just say like some people do, drop us an email HERE, telling a little about yourself and what shows you’d like to write about if you have a preference, and attaching a short writing sample won’t hurt either.

We’ll definitely get back to you ASAP cuz, hell, gang, we do everything as fast and as furious as we can. How else can we be ready for those Big Time TV gigs that’re right around the corner, eh?