TV is Still Where the Money Is

by Team TVWriter™ Press Service

…In spite of the Evil Intruder known as the Interwebs.

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Even Sony, known in showbiz for its consistent state of head-up-its-assery, has finally seen the light.

Witness these few words from Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton, who recently informed investors of Sony’s newest financial plan, which, he said, will include “a significant shift in emphasis from motion pictures to higher margin television.”

Translation: They’re lowering the budget on their feature films and increasing the amount of television production the company does cuz “This is our time,” according to Mr. Lynton. “We intend to seize it…and deliver to shareholders more of the profits that you deserve.”

Yeppers, there exist in the world people who really talk that way. Without a trace of irony or self-awareness even.

Hmm, maybe Sony’s collective head is still up its equally collective ass after all….

One thought on “TV is Still Where the Money Is”

  1. Interesting. Traditionally Sony’s been known to blow its’ feature budget faster than other studios. I wonder if they’ll put that same practice into guaranteed season commitments.

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