Top TVWriter™ Posts of the Year 2015

Time now for the stats you’ve all been waiting for. Without further ado:

The 5 most visited articles on TVWriter™ during the year 2015 were, surprisingly to us, all permanent TVWriter™ resource pages. Namely:

Writing the Dreaded Outline



The Teleplay

The Logline

And our 5 most visited blog pages were:

TV Writing Master Class from HELIX Showrunner

Five Reasons Why DANGER 5 is the Best Show on Netflix

Kelly Jo Brick: The Write Path With Manager Geoff Silverman

Peggy Bechko: Writers Facing Conflict

Nickelodeon Wants Your Script

Conveniently, the most visited blog page of the year – the one about the HELIX showrunner’s master class – was the 6th most popular article on the site overall, which appeals to our TVWriting OCD because it kind of bridges all the stats, you know? Keeps things neat. And while we do use a number of reposts throughout any given year, two of our regular Contributing Editors, Kelly Jo Brick and Peggy Bechko, were right up there the Top of the Pops.

TVWriter™ is truly thankful to all of you for making 2015 our most popular year. And, to paraphrase, um, ourselves: Don’t forget to read what you missed. re-read what you loved, and, most importantly, come back for more in 2016!