Time Now for a, erm, Spunky Christmas Song

2 cool kids from the LET'S GET SPUNKY pilot episode
2 cool kids from the LET’S GET SPUNKY pilot episode

“Let’s Get Spunky!” is a demented spoof of all things classic television. It takes the nuclear family genre of the late 50’s/early 60’s and turns over its apple cart to play both with absurdity (Monty Python takes over Mayberry) as well as context, the way in which the golden age is portrayed versus how it actually was behind the wholesome image.

One way to describe it is to say that animated shows like “The Simpsons” took the nuclear family comedy forward and freed it to the absurd through animation, allowing the content to flourish without the boundaries of single camera sets and real actors. “Spunky” attempts to take it back again into the period context and use that as its reference to expound upon the absurd.

Robert Glenn Plotnick, SPUNKY’S creator, has decided to go all Christmas on our butts this year, resulting in one of the wildest NSFW Christmas song parodies we’ve seen in a long time. And, fortunately for all of us, also one of the best. Here’s what RGP has to say about his latest brainchild:

Part of the feedback I received from TVWriter’s People’s Pilot script competition (a “Spunky” script placed 2nd in its category) was that the series would benefit from aggressive viral marketing. Thus, with the holidays ahead, the idea was born to take a sketch from a proposed Christmas episode and get it ready for the ‘internets of hope’ by the beginning of December.

It was a tall order in that it meant writing, recording, casting, shooting, and editing an entire production within a month’s time. The result of that manic-depressive rush was “My Daddy’s Elf,” the story of young Spunky awakening on Christmas Eve believing that he hears Santa downstairs only to discover his father’s fetish of getting a lap dance from an elf as his own peculiar holiday tradition.

Of course, that horrifying scenario could only be rescued by the ghost of fat Elvis.

At least that’s how it transpires in Spunkyville.

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