The Real Costs of Current TV Pilots & Films

The Hollywood Reporter shares fascinating financial info that we know is for reals – cuz they got it from the Sony email hack:

battlecreekby Austin Siegemund-Broke, Paul Bond

Cameron Diaz is a bigger star than Jamie Foxx. At least that’s the way Sony saw it when paying the actress $7.5 million to appear in Annie, $2.5 million more than her male co-star.

To illustrate the state of Hollywood salaries, THR analyzed two full production budgets revealed in the Sony hack — one for a midrange family movie, the other the pilot for Battle Creek, a CBS series that aired this spring — chosen not because they represent excessive spending, but rather because they exemplify what it costs to make an average piece of American entertainment.

battle creek budget

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Y’all may have noticed what’s missing in this breakdown, and in the rest of the article too: Who the writers were and what they got paid. A sign of the high regard in which the Reporter holds us poor, floundering scribes?