LB: The One Quality Every Writer Needs…

by Larry Brody

…Is self-discipline.

In fact, self-discipline is probably the one quality everybody needs, regardless of they’re chosen (or unchosen, for that matter) field of endeavor.

At this point in my life, I find self-discipline absolutely essential for keeping on track re my current ambition. Which, FTR, is to keep remembering that no matter what we read in self-help books, hear from our parents and teachers, or see on websites like the purpose of life is not to be productive but simply…

to be

Author: LB

A legendary figure in the television writing and production world with a career going back to the late ’60s, Larry Brody has written and produced hundreds of hours of American and worldwide television and is a consultant to production companies and networks in the U.S. and abroad . Shows written or produced by Brody have won several awards including - yes, it's true - Emmys, Writers Guild Awards, and the Humanitas Award.