The Doctor Puppet on Baker Street

He’ll tell you his side of the story after the pic. But ours is that he’s looking for Stephen Moffett.

I’ve been told that there’s a man in London who’s more clever than even me. Of course I couldn’t resist dropping by his flat on Baker Street, but no one was in. At St. Bart’s Hospital I looked high and low for the man, but never found him. Sherlock Holmes – we will meet one day!

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3 thoughts on “The Doctor Puppet on Baker Street”

  1. Actually, our opening remark about Dr. Puppet looking for Steven Moffett was a snarky joke that no one’s going to get. So here’s the thinking behind it:

    He’s looking for Steven Moffett because last season’s DOCTOR WHO was so devoid of “writerliness” that he assumes Moffat abandoned the show to concentrate his genius on SHERLOCK instead.

    Uh-oh, come to think of it, that may not be a joke at all…



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