The Best 4 1/2 Minutes of DOCTOR WHO in 2 YEARS

…Proving beyond the slightest doubt that Chris Chibnall, who has written the best episodes of this season as well as the online prequel (and created BEING HUMAN) should be the next showrunner of DOCTOR WHO.

As of, oh, how about this afternoon?

3 thoughts on “The Best 4 1/2 Minutes of DOCTOR WHO in 2 YEARS”

  1. I was barely aware that Rory’s dad is in the show. He was in the cube episode, but I don’t remember him from anything else. I still have an episode to catch up on, though, the second one of the recent five-show group.

  2. I have now seen the episode I missed, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Brian is a big part of that one also. So the unshot scene with his (adopted) grandson visiting would have been nice.
    Now I have to ask why Amy couldn’t have a baby. Something about how River was delivered?

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