Another Top Pro Brings a Project to Kickstarter

The Good News:

After 2 years of trying to find a studio home for it, David Fincher still wants to do a feature film version of The Goon (our roommate’s favorite comic), and he has Eric Powell, the creator of the book, on his side and Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown as the stars. So, hat firmly in hand, he’s taken to Kickstarter.Com.

The Not-So-Good News:

The more Big Name Talents (Fincher directed FIGHT CLUB, for Chrissake) who turn to Kickstarter for funding, the worse the chances for No Names like, um, you and me, to get anything going that way.

The Redeeming Value of Visiting Fincher’s THE GOON Presentation:

You get to see a top H’wood dood pitching in a video every bit as awkward and self-conscious as any video made by any young No Name. (And you also get to see some stupendous sample CGI video that will have you reaching into your pocket and begging these Big Bad Boys to take your shekels so they can get the 400 grand they need to make – wait for it – yet another presentation.

Yeah, that’s right. Fincher & Co. aren’t looking for financing for the film. They’re looking for financing for “a story reel for the entire film!!!” (Exclamation points theirs.)

We dunno what to say to that, so watch this instead: