Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 10/16/12


The Beverly Hills are alive with the sound of, “Cha-ching!”
  •  Jeff Lowell (COMMON LAW, JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE) & Emma Koenig are writing a sitcom pilot for NBC based on Koenig’s blog, “F*ck! I’m in My Twenties” (proving that TV executives love titles they can’t put on TV).
  • Kenya Barris (SOUL FOOD, GIRLFRIENDS, THE GAME) is “co-creating” FIVEHEAD, a sitcom for ABC, with Tyra Banks, on whose life the show is based (the fact that Barris is listed as “co-creator” and not “writer” proving that even though this is supposed to be a “scripted” series, Ms. Banks has no idea whatsoever what that means).
  • Joseph McGinty Nichol & Daniel Cerone (creators of SUPERNATURAL, CHUCK, CHARMED, DEXTER)) have sold #RESISTANCE, a series about a kickass woman cop turned vigilantes to CBS (the hashtag proving CBS is much younger/hipper/nerdier than the world previously believed.)
  • NBC is planning a new series, WUNDERLAND, written by Anthony Zuiker (CSI), about a time in the future when Alice has become an evil queen fighting to stop a young rebel from – you guessed it – the other side of the looking glass – from overthrowing her (proving that nobody at NBC knows what Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland was all about. Nor, it would seem, do they care).