WGA vs. WME Update

Welp, looks like WME – alias the William Morris-Endeavor Agency is using the same playbook as CAA. The two agencies are, in effect, working to break the Writers Guild.

Dunno about you, but, to quote LB, “Regardless of the outcome here, I’m going to do my best to never work in any capacity with either of these two companies or their subsidiaries. They’ve shown their colors and made it clear that they ain’t flying any flags that could do anything to help writers.” read article

WGA vs. CAA Update

Here at TVWriter™ we’re finding CAA’s attitude, as indicated by the language in their communication with the Writers Guild of America, troubling, to say the least.

As Larry Brody said yesterday while reading the email that follows, “These differences clearly would have been ironed out long ago – still could be – if CAA had acts in good faith.” read article