LB: TVWriter™ University Schedule Spring/Summer 2016

by Larry Brody

Sent this out to everyone on the TVWriter™ email list yesterday. But even if you haven’t signed up for all our newletters and announcement, I love ya. So here ’tis again:


How things stand:

I’ve been taking a short break from our Online Workshops to enjoy a few days of sun and warm temperatures here in the not-so-balmy Pacific Northwest. But a Very Smart Woman (AKA Gwen the Beautiful, my incredible wife) has been whispering in my ear about how selfish I’m being, so it’s time to return to the TV Writer University grind.

Yep, give, give, give…that’s me. So here’s where we are:

The next Advanced Workshop will start in 2 weeks, on Wednesday, May 25, 2016 and end June 22nd.

The Advanced Workshop is for writers who understand the fundamentals of storytelling (plotting, characterization, that kind of thing) and screenplay format but don’t yet have the finesse required of professionals. Enrollment for the 158th Advanced Workshop is wide open, and I’m looking forward to working ring in the summer of 2016 working with, at most 4 or 5 talented writer/students.

The next Master Class will start Tuesday, May 31st and continue for a total of 4 weeks.

The Master Class is for professional, or pro level, TV and screen writers. 3 students per session is the absolute top limit, so if you think you qualify, get in touch with me and we’ll talk further.

As of now, no Foundations of TV and Film Writing Workshop has been scheduled for 2016. I apologize for this, but I’m totally booked with work based on the new, start-up SouthEast Asia Animation Studio I’m affiliated with and development of Asian Cloud Creek for the Arts, a Hong Kong based school we hope will open its doors early in 2017.

You can find a complete overview of TVWriter™ University with links to all its classes, including their amazingly reasonable (and highly affordable) prices, HERE

And if you want to talk to me personally about it, that’s totally cool. Just drop me an email HERE and ask.