AbFab Meets the Spice Girls? Delicious

We know that title reads like we’re drooling, but we at TVWriter™ are huge Jennifer Saunders fanboys. If any writer can pull it off it’s Saunders…and Baby Spice ain’t bad either.

Can good writing make Posh smile?

OMFG: There Is A Spice Girls Musical Premiering This Fall
by Julia Rubin

It’s called Viva Forever! (exclamation point included), was written by Absolutely Fabulous‘s Jennifer Saunders, and is being produced by Mamma Mia!‘s Judy Cramer. Here is the synopsis, as per the musical’s website:

As one girl follows her dreams, VIVA FOREVER! charts her journey into the world of overnight celebrity and its impact on her mother, and the friends she thought she’d have forever. From London to Spain and back again, as the world judges you, it’s all about who you really are and who you want to be, whatever the cost.

Spice up your life with this exhilarating and irresistibly funny tale of love, loyalty and romance. An original story of our times, inspired by the songs of the Spice Girls, VIVA FOREVER! hits all the high notes for a fabulous feel-good night out.

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Proof of the Old TV Axiom – In Any Fight Between the Star & the Producer Pick the Star

by Larry Brody

If you’ve been following the adventures of COMMUNITY, you know that the show’s creator/showrunner/head imagineer, Dan Harmon was recently fired (as in his option not being picked up) when the show was unexpectedly renewed. Which meant a lot of interweb speculation on whether Chevy Chase, with whom Harmon definitely did not get along, would or would not return.

Why the speculation existed is beyond me. The minute Harmon was out, it was inevitable that Chevy would be in. Because that’s what the whole brouhaha had to be about. “The star works for the producer the first season. After that, the producer works for the star.” TV words to live by, remember?

When you get down to it, there aren’t really any ensemble shows (with the possible exception of THE OFFICE), no matter what the network flacks say. If a major star is part of the group, or a member of the group becomes a major star, executive starfuckers immediately circle around him/her and start sucking. That’s what they went into  showbiz for – to hang near the front of the entourage.

And now, the article, which was going to be the only thing I posted here, except that I got carried away. (How does that keep happening?!):

Community Roll Call: Chevy Chase Shall Return
by Kimberly Roots 

The entire Greendale Gang — Chevy Chase‘s Pierce Hawthorne included — will be in attendance when Season 4 of NBC’s Community arrives in October.

Chase, who portrays the moist towelette tycoon, hinted earlier this year that his well-publicized problems with Community creator and then-showrunner Dan Harmon might prompt him and the show to part ways. (We even included Pierce in our list of possibly expendable TV characters — and you overwhelmingly voted that the show would do just fine without him.)

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You didn’t really think the audience mattered, did you?

munchman: This Really IS Big News


Serenity Now! Firefly Cast to Reunite and Celebrate 10th Anniversary at Comic-Con
by Velda Gelman 

The cult hit will celebrate its 10th anniversary at the pop culture convention on Friday, July 13.

The panel, which will be held in Ballroom 20 at 12:30 pm, will feature creator Joss Whedon, writer Tim Minear and stars Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, Sean Maher, Michael Fairman and others, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Science Channel-hosted event will also include never-before-seen footage and “numerous buzz-worthy surprises,” says the network.

The Official Munchman San Diego Con boycott, which began a decade ago when TV and films booted comics to the far corner of the room is now officially over.



munchman: Media Bistro Cares About Writers

…so much that they’ve got a whole list of potential side jobs that won’t interfere with your calling.

Great Side Gigs for Journalists and Writers
Need a Plan B for your career? Give these jobs a try
By Amanda Ernst

When you think of alternative careers or side jobs a wordsmith could do, freelance reporting, blogging, writing, consulting or editing copy for any variety of industries come immediately to mind. But, beyond the obvious career moves, there are a whole slew of other fields that journalists can dabble in as side jobs or as a full-fledged career transition. Here are a few suggestions, and some former and current journalists who are doing them, to get you thinking about a new career direction….

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Oops, waittaminnit. Turns out there’s a slight problem here, in the very next sentence:

Yes, that’s right, starving writers everywhere. All you need to see these great gigs is $55/year, or, if you want to dig a little deeper and trust a little more, $89/2 years, and no, it doesn’t end there ‘cuz:

“Note: At the end of your term, we will automatically renew your subscription and charge your credit card…”

Wow, how wonderful/helpful/generous of you – asshats.

In words I’m pretty sure our BL (Beloved Leader) LB (Larry Brody) would approve of:

“Screw you.”



Comic Books Newbies Can Read?

by Larry Brody

What a concept!

Mike Gold’s bio says he’s from Chicago. And we all know that Chicagoans have a singular superpower: The power to offend – and often to terribly hurt others – with the truth.

So when he says there are some solid comic books out there that readers can turn to without having to know 70 years of continuity, I believe it. Can’t wait to try out the titles he recommends:

Mike Gold: The Great Comic Book Retro-Expansion

by Mike Gold

Gold Column Art 120627 Mike Gold: The Great Comic Book Retro ExpansionLast week I bitched and moaned about how we’ve turned our backs on comics that can be appreciated by readers of all ages in order to follow the money that kids ain’t got and some adults might have. I also tied this into continuity impenetrable to newcomers that is spread over about a hundred dollars’ worth of monthly product. I can be snotty that way.

In just the past couple of years, we have seensomething of a return to comics that can be enjoyed by readers young and old. Publishers can’t help the self-consciousness suffered by Baby Boomers and some Gen-Xers, but today’s new middle-agers were raised without much of the stigma us old folks suffered during the Wertham rage. So, I am now taking it upon myself to point out a few titles that work for a general audience that is fearless enough to read comic books on the bus, be it to work or to school.

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Gold goes on to name three titles that, as a guy who got his start with a letter published in Amazing Spider-Man back in 1964 (well, actually my first published work was poetry but no one cared), but hasn’t been able to read or follow them in years, I’m ordering right now:

  • Zorro Rides Again
  • Savage Dragon
  • Batman Beyond Unlimited
If you try any of these let me know what you think. I’ll do the same.