Steven Moffat Wishes William Goldman Happy Birthday

So do we.

Whoa! A portrait featuring The Princess Bride and not Butch & Sundance. Hats off to artist Bo Hampton.
The Moff’s tweet, sent yesterday:

William Goldman is 81 today. If you want to learn everything about screenwriting, save time – just read all of his.

When Moffat’s right, Moffat’s right. And thanks for reminding us:

Happy Birthday, William Goldman!

OK, so we’re posting Butch & Sundance because otherwise it just doesn’t seem right.

munchman: Now You Can Really Have One of Larry McMurtry’s Books

…As in “once owned by” one of our favorite writers (TERMS OF ENDEARMENT, THE LAST PICTURE SHOW, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, LONESOME DOVE et al), as opposed to “merely” written by him.

Did we really say “merely?” Aargh!

Writer Larry McMurtry auctions most of 450,000-book collection – by Judy Wiley

Hipsters, booksellers and fans from across the country converged on the town where “The Last Picture Show” was filmed to buy a few books – or a truckload – at “The Last Book Sale,” writer Larry McMurtry’s once-in-a-lifetime auction.

McMurtry amassed 450,000 volumes in his used and rare book business called Booked Up, whose four buildings dominate the tiny municipality. At 76, the famed author said he decided to sell 300,000 volumes at a two-day auction that concludes on Saturday because they would be “a huge burden” for his heirs.

With the auction underway, McMurtry…said he’s finished writing fiction.

“I think I had about 20 good years,” said the winner of a Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1986 for “Lonesome Dove.” “Writers don’t get better as they get older, they get worse. Fifty is usually the stopping point.”

Read it all

What? Wait. Not only is the auction already over, but this is just a way of backing into a McMurtry retirement announcement? Dood’s not going to write anymore? But…but…sputter…sputter…

More room for us! For our books! Our screenplays! Our mini-series! Buh-bye, Great One, don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

Really will miss him. Crap.

Jimmy Fallon is a better Jim Morrison Than Jim Morrison

And who woulda thought READING RAINBOW was such a great song?

Yes, it’s true. Creativity comes in strange and wondrous forms.

One of the better surprises in life.

Peer Production: THE SILENT CITY Season 1 Episode 3

Three down and only two to go on this very well done web series. Hope they’re working on more:

Thanks to Rubidium Wu

It’s Official: SPEC SCRIPTACULAR Semi-Finalists Will Be Announced in a Week & a Half

That’s the week of August 20th that we’re talking about, ladies and gents, boys and girls, moms and dads, et al. (Don’t want to leave anybody out.)

So snuggle up to the interweb appliance of your choice and get ready.

What? You have no idea what we’re talking about? “What,” you’re asking, “is this SPEC SCRIPTACULAR thing?”

All we can say is, “Check it out.”

And don’t forget to look into the PEOPLE’S PILOT too.