TEEN WOLF Controversy?

Hey, this show needs some reason for peeps like us to write about it, so it looks like they’re going for the gold:

So How Come The Black Guy On ‘Teen Wolf’ Doesn’t Have A ‘Life?’ – by Sergio

Another day, another controversy.

And today’s controversy revolves around the popular MTV show, Teen Wolf (which I asusume is not like that 1985 movie with Michael J. Fox) and its creator and executive producer, Jeff Davis.

It seems that Davis likes to think of himself as an enlightened, open-minded kind of guy, free of any prejudices. In a recent on-line interview, he said, regarding his show, that: “I’m trying to create a world where there’s no racism, there’s no sexism, there’s no homophobia. And I know it’s not real life, but I kind of don’t care. I’d like to create a world where none of that matters: you have the supernatural creatures for that to work as an analogy. In my mind, if you can create a world like that on TV, maybe life starts to imitate it.

O.K. sounds great. If everyone thought like Davis does, what a wonderful world this would be.

Well it would, except that, as soon as this quote got around, people took to the internet, calling out Davis on his B.S., in particular, with regards to Boyd, the black character played by Sinqua Walls on the show.

Turns out that Boyd is the least defined, most one-dimensional person on the entire show. He’s your basic token black guy, with no personality, no back-story or life, unlike the other major characters on the show.

One person went into even more detail, and wrote on his blog that: “Boyd has no family, no story, no background, no home, and when he even makes his brief cameos in the show, he’s usually somebody’s backup or lackey. He has no human complexity, and his one moment of individuality comes when he says he wants to be like Scott (i.e. the lead character on Teen Wolf). Which is then promptly ignored and never covered again. Erica gets a storyline. Isaac gets a storyline. Matt the photographer gets a storyline. So where’s Boyd’s?

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There’s more on the site we’ve linked to, and it makes Jeff Davis look pretty bad. But then the story ends with this:

But the real issue is, does this really matter? Do you really care about Boyd on Teen Wolf, or any other similar characters on other shows? Is this really much ado about nothing, after all?

To which we call “Bullshit.” If you think this is about nothing, Sergio, then why even file this report?

Unless…unless this whole thing is nothing but a P.R. attempt to grab attention, and you’re part of it. After all, your blog is part of IndieWire.Com, which is all about P.R., no?

And, yes, we believe that bringing that to the public’s attention is very worthwhile indeed. (Excuse us while we slap each other on the back and wait for a response.)

munchman: DOCTOR WHO Season Trailer

It’s the Doctor! It’s the Doctor! Just the sight of him makes both my hearts stand still.

Glen Larson vs. Universal: It’s About Time

‘Knight Rider’ Producer Survives Round One in Universal Fraud Lawsuit – by Eriq Gardner

Television producer Glen Larson has jumped the first hurdle in his multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Universal over money from a string of hit shows from the 1970s and 1980s.

Larson, whose work includesKnight RiderThe Six Million Dollar ManMagnum P.I. andBattlestar Galactica, claims that the series generated hundreds of millions of dollars for the studio yet he hasn’t received any profit participation statements and “as the shows make more money for Universal, the deficit that Larson Productions must overcome continually increases.”

In a detailed ruling issued this week, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Dunn is allowing most of Larson’s claims to move forward over objections made by the studio at the initial stage.

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Whoopee! Go, Glen, Go–

Oops, you caught us rooting. But why not? After all:

  1. Unless you grew up in a Izbekistan you know damn well that every time the talent on any show is suing the studio over not getting their contractual piece of the action the studio’s been fucking cheating them
  2. Glen Larson was TVWriter™ Boss Larry Brody’s boss for a lotta years, some of which LB even describes as “yeah, it was okay

So there’s no contest here. Of course we’re on GL’s side.

How about you?

NTSF:SD:SUV Returns to Adult Swim August 9th…

…Which is a big deal to us because one of its creator/writer/showrunner/stars, a certain Curtis J. Gwinn, is a buddy of the boss’s. So, hey, how about we all watch?

Premiere party, anybody? We’re definitely up for it.

Speaking of that, when’s the ANIMAL PRACTICE party? ‘Cuz Curtis is on that show too, and that’s one hot, little monkey. (Not Curtis. This:)

Hey, ADULT SWIM, How About Doing This as a Show? Huh? Huh?

We know damn well ADULT SWIM can’t buy this cartoon for a jactillion and one legal reasons, but we always wondered what it would be like to be blissfully ignorant innocent of such considerations and therefore having no problem blithely bugging our corporate overseers gatekeepers. (Turns out to be no biggie either way.)


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