LB: “Which science fiction TV show do you wish you could personally reboot?”

That’s the question asked over at io9.Com a few days ago, complete with this photo of one of the worst TV shows ever made:

Yes, it’s BUCK ROGERS, created & produced by a good friend of mine and taken over & produced by another friend who was actually the godfather of my 2nd son. Still sucked tho.

The question’s gotten a lot if answers, including:

  • BLAKE’S 7
  • DUNE (mini-series)

I’d like to throw in my two cents because as you all know, I’m that kinda guy. But I’m doing it here instead of the original website because I always get ignored when I comment at io9 and I really, really, really crave attention. (Hey, that’s a showbiz requirement, isn’t it?) read article

‘Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel’

Remember how comic books fans were all furrowed brows and sputtering talk back in ’09 when Disney absorbed Marvel? How the fans were worried that Disney would dilute/sully/demean/cheapen/totally screw the Marvel brand?

Remember how relieved fans were when the Marvel feature films stayed as fresh and exciting and authentic as the first IRON MAN had been after the new regime was in place?

How they/you/we heaved big sighs of relief and went back to cursing more important things, like the economy, Microsoft, and health care in the U.S.A.? read article

Disney Sends Out Feelers for an AVENGERS TV Series

The studio’s trying to get a reading on how this will go down with the audience. At least, that’s the only explanation we can come up with for this particular interweb speculation:

ABC And Marvel Eying ‘Avengers’-Themed TV Series – by Nellie Andreeva (Deadline.Com)

EXCLUSIVE: After scoring huge at the box office with its Avengers movie, Marvel is looking to explore the mythology on the small screen too. I’ve learned that Marvel’s TV division is in conversation with ABC and ABC Studios about doing a drama series in the Avengers world. I hear that the connection to the Avengers franchise would be light as the project is expected to be set in the universe and feature some of its themes and feel, but may not include any characters from Joss Whedon’s blockbuster. read article

The One Plot to Lead Them All

As if writers didn’t have enough to worry about, now we have this excellent analysis to ponder:

The Avengers, Spider-Man, and Dark Knight Rises All Have Strangely Similar Climaxes – by Kyle Buchanon (Vulture.Com)

The AvengersThe Amazing Spider-Man, and The Dark Knight Rises have all offered distinctly different types of superhero thrills this summer: One’s a giant, crowd-pleasing mash-up of all of Marvel’s prior movies; one’s a rebooted origin story anchored by a tender teen romance; and one’s a dark, sprawling drama with Bat-trappings. So many different flavors to choose from … and yet, did you notice they all have weirdly similar third acts? What was that about? read article