The Steve Ditko Public Service Package

Steve Ditko on Kickstarter

Are you a Spider-Man lover? A genuine comics freak?

If so, then you already know Steve Ditko, the artist who started Spidey, um, swinging in the ’60s (based on a Jack Kirby design, natch). If not, you should know Ditko anyway because he’s weird shy secretive very, very retro, bee-zar awesome. read article

For Comic Book Junkies Only

A new book tries its best to ‘splain us the biggest mystery man in the Marvel Universe: The Incredible, Elusive Steve Ditko. And we’re definitely buying it to see if this terrific collection of writers succeeds at its dangerous mission

Steve Ditko – Creativity Just Beyond Reality – by Mike Gold

The Creativity of Steve Ditko  • Craig Yoe • With essays by Mykal Banta, Mike Gold, Jack C. Harris, Paul Levitz, and Amber Stanton • IDW/Yoe Books • $39.99 retail read article