The Steve Ditko Public Service Package

Steve Ditko on Kickstarter

Are you a Spider-Man lover? A genuine comics freak?

If so, then you already know Steve Ditko, the artist who started Spidey, um, swinging in the ’60s (based on a Jack Kirby design, natch). If not, you should know Ditko anyway because he’s weird shy secretive very, very retro, bee-zar awesome.

And now, thanks to Kickstarter.Com, you can find one Acme Bunch O’Info on Marvel’s most shadowy creator. According to its listing, the Ditko Public Service Package #2 by Robin Snyder and Secretive Steve is:

The Ditko Public Service Package #2

A 112 page, black-and-white reprint

This is the 2nd edition of this book and a sequel to an earlier book, Ditko Package. As such, it is nearly ready to go. The story and artwork are finished.  Most production work is complete. One addition to this book will be the inclusion of the list of backers and our ‘thank you’.

If you have seen our earlier work, you know what to expect. The material we publish is unique and one-of-a-kind.

If you are not familiar with the type of material we publish, you can expect to be pleasantly surprised.

TVWriter™ definitely thinks this is worth looking into. Hell, our very own munchman says he wants in on the $20  package…and munchy never pays for nuthin’, know what we mean?

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