LB: Should I Contact Agents Even Though I’m Starting Graduate School?


Glad You Asked Dept. 3/14/14

This just in from M.R.,

Hello, I am a screenwriter who recently registered a TV pilot spec script with the WGA. I was wondering is prudent for me to pitch and to send is TV pilot script to screenwriters, agents, and managers, if I am attending graduate school in fall?
Does being a full-time grad or college student, limits networking, for example, to pitch, to correspond, and to meet with screenwriters, agents, and managers until he finished college?
Thank you for your time, and have a nice day

Thanks for writing, M.R. I love it when people send in questions I actually have answers for. So here’s my take:

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LB: What’s the story on TV series production schedules?


Glad You Asked Dept. 3/3/14

Today’s question is from Keiti P, who gets right to the practical nitty gritty of television production. Whatever happened to idealism? Kidding, kidding, never mind. Anyway:

Hi Larry,

I’ve always wanted to know more about the actual production of TV shows. How do they work out the shooting schedules? It seems crazy debilitating to me to shoot a whole season at once, but at the same time I can appreciate the desire to have everything in the can and ready to air. read article

LB: What Was It Like to Work with Lynda Carter & Loni Anderson?

 Glad You Asked Dept. 2/24/14

Lynda_Carter2Today’s question is about two of network television’s hottest, um, babes. If I can say “babes.” (Oh well, my wife Gwen the Beautiful undoubtedly will set me straight after she reads this.)

Where were we? Oh, right. Today’s question is about two of the most popular female stars in TV – in the ’70s, that is. Lynda Carter, AKA Wonder Woman, and Loni Anderson, AKA Jennifer Marlowe.

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