Spec Scriptacular Winner’s CHICAGO FIRE Episode on NBC Tonight

Chicago Fire Capture

As we say in the newz biz, this just in:

UNDER THE KNIFE, The first of CHICAGO FIRE staffer Ryan Harris’s co-written episodes for the show airs tonight, January 9th.

Ryan’s specs for THE GLADES and JUSTIFIED came in 1st and 3rd, respectively, in the Action/Drama/Dramedy Division of the 2011 Spec Scriptacular. Now that he has a little, um, “seasoning” under his belt, we’re sure his current work is even better!

And here’s NBC’s CHICAGO FIRE page.

CHICAGO FIRE Picked Up For Full Season on NBC

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that “CHICAGO FIRE continues to burn bright for NBC. The network has given a full-season order to the freshman drama”

What does this mean to us? Well, besides the fact that we know we’ll have something interesting and at least a bit out of the ordinary to watch until next spring, the renewal means that our good buddy, Spec Scriptacular winner Ryan Harris, will continue working for awhile!

Congrats, Ryan. For working your way up the ranks…and continuing the climb. We know you don’t have a fireman’s ladder, so we’re really rooting for your fingernails to stay strong and hang on!

Another TVWriter™ Contest Winner Scores

High-fivin’ like Egyptians, yeah!

TVWriter™ is proud to give this congratulatory shout-out to Ryan Harris, whose teleplays, THE GLADES: A PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIFE and JUSTIFIED: DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN came in 1st and 3rd, respectively, in the Action/Drama/Dramedy Division of the 2011 Spec Scriptacular. We’ve just learned that Ryan is a staff writer on NBC’s new drama, CHICAGO FIRE, which debuts tonight, October 10th, at 10 PM (9 PM Central).

Big congrats, Ryan. Take a bow!

Most gratifying for all of us here were these Very Important Words from Ryan:

…The reason I stuck to my guns in this business was in large part because of your mentorship and the great community of like minded souls you gathered together!

Ryan also tells us about another Big Moment that occurred this last spring. He got married!

Big congrats on that one, too, bud! (But not as big as on the CHICAGO FIRE gig because marriage is, you know, Real Life, and by definition not nearly as important in the Scheme of Things as, um, TV.)

Kidding, kidding. (Please, don’t tell LB.)

This has been terrific news, Ryan. We’re as excited for you as we can be!