Another TVWriter™ Contest Winner Scores

High-fivin’ like Egyptians, yeah!

TVWriter™ is proud to give this congratulatory shout-out to Ryan Harris, whose teleplays, THE GLADES: A PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIFE and JUSTIFIED: DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN came in 1st and 3rd, respectively, in the Action/Drama/Dramedy Division of the 2011 Spec Scriptacular. We’ve just learned that Ryan is a staff writer on NBC’s new drama, CHICAGO FIRE, which debuts tonight, October 10th, at 10 PM (9 PM Central).

Big congrats, Ryan. Take a bow!

Most gratifying for all of us here were these Very Important Words from Ryan: read article

“The Fien Print” on NBC’S CHICAGO FIRE

Dick Wolf shoots – but does he score? Let’s ask Daniel Fienberg:

Take Me To The Pilots ’12: NBC’s ‘Chicago Fire’ – by Daniel Fienberg

The Pitch:“Let’s do a network-friendly version of ‘Rescue Me.'” “So ‘Rescue Me’ only without the mature themes, instantly vivid characters, boundary-pushing language and humor?” “Yup. Those weren’t exactly essential, were they?” “As long as we’ve got fires, it’s all good.” read article