TV Writing Deals: WGN America Wants Us to Watch a Couple of New Series

The upcoming TITANS series probably isn't about this team, but, hey, who knows?
The upcoming TITANS series probably isn’t about this team, but, hey, who knows?

by munchman

Which means that they’ve greenlit one for 13 episodes and have commissioned a pilot script for the other.

The greenlit (-lighted?) series is called TITANS, created by Peter Mattei, who the last el munchero heard, was a writer for CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL, a ’90s Nickelodeon series that, well, was in fact my favorite show of that era. Ah, Melissa Joan Hart, who suspected you’d grow up to become not only a teenage witch but also an adult bitch the most politically right wing actor since Charlton Heston?

But munchy digresses. TITANS is about some yutzes in Appalachia who, according to the Hollywood Reporter, seem to be the vilest set of heroes since the hillbillies in DELIVERANCE. (What? The hillbillies weren’t the heroes? They were when I saw it at a midnight show in West Virginia in the backroom of a dingy pool hall.) read article