Firefly Meets the Tardis

Now this is the kind of crossover we fucking love:

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Another Monty Pythoner Shows His Utmost Respect for Graham Chapman

Awhile ago, John Cleese talked about his former MONTY PYTHON mate. Now Terry Jones has a few words on the same subject. These dudes are so @#$!ing sweet, you know?

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Aha! For All MONTY PYTHON Fans, This is a Must-See

Found on YouTube:

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Why We Should All Be Reading “Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader”

Bitch fight:

Not an ad! A discovery! (We wish they – somebody – would pay us to run a m*****f***ing ad!)

Star Fight: John Cleese Calls Eric Idle “Yoko” (BathroomReader.Com)

Because we live to serve you the latest and greatest (and, well, let’s face it, some of the most awful) news, history, wisdom, nonsense, and, as in times like these—still steaming piles of fresh gossip—we point you to the Twitter feed of comedy legend John Cleese, who twittered,just minutes ago (it’s around 10 AM on the 14th day of December, 2011), of his Monty Python partner, Eric Idle: read article