Aha! For All MONTY PYTHON Fans, This is a Must-See

Found on YouTube:

After you’ve watched the funniest trailer for anything that we’ve ever seen (and we see a lot of $#@!ing trailers), click through to the URL and learn what’s behind it.

It’s the story of the late Graham Chapman’s autobiography, his recorded reading of it before he died, and how it took John Cleese, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam, and 14 different animators working in 17 different animation styles to bring the book to the screen.

We have no idea what kind of guy Chapman really was, but John Cleese’s eulogy certainly brings the “freeloading bastard” into focus. Wouldn’t you die happy knowing you’d left friends like that behind? (Yeah, far behind. Rimshot, please?)

The whole film will be out “in select U.S. theatres in 3D on November 2, 2012.” We can’t wait.

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