Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 5/07/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Phil Lord & Chris Miller (21 JUMP STREET) have signed an overall  production and development deal at 20th Century Fox TV. (And we’ll all be happy to hear that the pact has been described by Fox P.R. as “lucrative.” Oh, wait, that probably means it isn’t. Uh-oh…)
  • Rod Lurie is writing a mini-series based on the life of none other than T.E. Lawrence, i.e., “Lawrence of Arabia,” for producer-director Roland Emmerich. (No network has been announced yet, though, so, lovers of the classic David Lean film version, you can relax a little…for now.)
  • David Kajganich (a newbie from the University of Iowa) is writing THE TERROR, based on the novel by Dan Simmons, for AMC. (Just what we need, another Dan Simmons project to take our minds off anything real.)
  • Stephen Levinson (ENTOURAGE) is writing a half-hour dramedy about retired athletes living in Miami for HBO. (Wait! Maybe it won’t be as bad as it sounds – Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg are producing, with Dwayne, AKA the Rock, set to star.)
  • Blake McCormick (a writer-producer on COUGAR TOWN) is the new showrunner of that very same series. (Proving that every once in awhile good sense prevails and writers get promoted from within.)
  • Speaking of being promoted, over on REVENGE, writer Suni Nayar is now the new showrunner, replacing Mike Kelley. (Just between us, the show sucks and will always suck, so it’s likely that nobody will ever notice the change.)

The One Film Every New TV Writer Must See

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Some showrunner type you may have heard of – Damon Lindelof of LOST

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