Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 10/8/14


Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Scott Gold (Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for the L.A.Times) is writing THE LION AND THE LAMB, a Lifetime drama about “a notorious drug cop who busts an All-American college student for pot and “flips” her into becoming a narc.” (Wow. There’s never been anything relevant or even credible about Lifetime, which means that premise will fit right in. C’mon, Scott, you’re a really fine writer, but if you keep doing this kind of thing…well, you might think about holding onto that day job.)
  • John Rogers (LEVERAGE) is writing the pilot for NBC’s ENDGAME, which claims to be “a high-octane thriller about a former intelligence officer who…is wrongly accused of the brutal murder of this wife.” (Oh, crap, John, the only thing new about that sentence is the word “brutal”. Speaking as somebody who genuinely loved the first couple of seasons of LEVERAGE, all I can say is, “Give us a twist, dude. Puh-leeze?)
  • Chris Black (MAD MEN) is writing the pilot for TNT’s fantasy series, LUMEN, which sounds a lot like THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE except better – to moi anyway – cuz it also sounds a bit like one of my favorite fantasy novels, Jonathan Carroll’s THE LAND OF LAUGHS. (In other words, I’m keeping my munching eyes on this one…while hoping that someday soon a broadcast or cable network with some class picks up THE LAND OF LAUGHS and hires somebody a lot like me to adapt it. Well, more than a lot like me. You know what I mean.)
  • Shawn Wines (THE OFFICE) is writing a to-be-titled comedy pilot about “the exotic and lucrative world of NYC garbage collection.” (And all I can say is that I am so in for that. Cuz New York? Garbage? A writer from THE OFFICE? That, boys and girls is my kinda world.)
  • Woohoo, this just in. The abovementioned John Rogers has indeed come up with a twist for ENDGAME. Turns out that the hero ends up saved and bankrolled by some “powerful people” who send him out to stop high stakes crimes – as part of “a hundred-year-old tradition where the rich and powerful bet on the ultimate ‘game’: crime in our world.” Whatcha think, munchkins? Better? Worse? The same?)

That’s it for now. Write in and tell munchilito what you’ve sold today. TVWriter™ can’t wait to brag to all your friends. (And, more importantly, enemies. Hehehe….)

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