LB: Mary McDonnell Said the Truest, Wisest Thing in Showbiz on MAJOR CRIMES Last Night

There I was, watching a cutish episode of MAJOR CRIMES, containing the kind of humor I usually find cringeworthy, when suddenly Mary McDonnell’s character, Captain Raydor, came out with the most insightful line of dialog in the history of TV. Yes, I know that a writer wrote it,  probably James Duff (but I’m not finding that info on the web so if you have it let me know), McDonnell’s understated and totally sincere delivery is what made it ring so true.

The situation wasn’t exactly unique. It was one of those times when the FBI invites itself in on a local, in this case LAPD investigation, with the agent in charge calmly telling Raydor all the things the Major Crimes Unit is going to be giving him and his guys. Raydor listens calmly. Then, without blinking (a sure sign that she’s a star, btw, as Michael Caine once told me), Raydor says these immortal five words: read article

The Big MAJOR CRIMES News That Nobody Noticed

We hear what you’re saying:

“What? Big News? Really? About a new series that isn’t really new at all because another version with most of the same characters and actors has been on the air for 8 years? What’re you on, dood? What’re you talking about?”

Okay, for starters, check this: read article


Out with the old. In with the…almost, kinda, sorta not-so-old:

Hmm, how long before Capt. Raydor stops wearing her glasses? Who’s up for a TVWriter™ pool?

TNT Says Goodbye to The Closer, Hello to Major Crimes – by Adam Bryant

The Closer‘s series finale finds Brenda (Kyra Sedgwick) trying to put away slippery defense attorney — and suspected serial rapist —Phillip Stroh (Billy Burke) once and for all. And although the climax of the Stroh storyline heavily impacts Brenda’s future, it’s the introduction of another character — an orphaned teenage hustler named Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin) — that may ultimately prove to be most important. So much so that he’ll also be a focal point of Major Crimes. read article