The Big MAJOR CRIMES News That Nobody Noticed

We hear what you’re saying:

“What? Big News? Really? About a new series that isn’t really new at all because another version with most of the same characters and actors has been on the air for 8 years? What’re you on, dood? What’re you talking about?”

Okay, for starters, check this: read article


Out with the old. In with the…almost, kinda, sorta not-so-old:

Hmm, how long before Capt. Raydor stops wearing her glasses? Who’s up for a TVWriter™ pool?

TNT Says Goodbye to The Closer, Hello to Major Crimes – by Adam Bryant

The Closer‘s series finale finds Brenda (Kyra Sedgwick) trying to put away slippery defense attorney — and suspected serial rapist —Phillip Stroh (Billy Burke) once and for all. And although the climax of the Stroh storyline heavily impacts Brenda’s future, it’s the introduction of another character — an orphaned teenage hustler named Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin) — that may ultimately prove to be most important. So much so that he’ll also be a focal point of Major Crimes. read article