Leesa Dean: Adventures of a Web Series Newbie – Rollo


by Leesa Dean

Let’s call him “Rollo*.” Yes, he’s the fanboy I went out for coffee with. This is how it happened:

Every day I write to people. People with blogs, radio shows, who are influencers, essentially begging them to watch Chilltown and Lele’s Ratchet Advice Show. That’s part of the gig. Sometimes they write back and it’s great. We get interviews or featured. And we’ve been incredibly fortunate. Gotten a great outpouring from people. Been luckier than most. But more often than not, people don’t write back. At all. Good times!!! On a side note, if you’re into getting rejected don’t bother hiring a dominitrix to demean you or joining an online dating site. Simply release a web series. read article

Leesa Dean: Adventures in Web Series Creation – Fanboys

chilltown fanboys

by Leesa Dean

When I self-published Chilltown as a comic book years ago, there always were fanboys and they always were strange. Because it was indie, not superhero fare, I typically got obsessives with bizarre tastes. And they shared every single one of them with me. Endlessly. It was like being a magnet for the lunatic fringe.

With an indie web series, it’s worse! First, lemme clarify: Primarily I have genuine fans of the show who are cool and great and I’ve actually become friends with a lot of them. They’re supportive and like-minded and respectful and just awesome, in general. And I love talking with them. They’ve made this journey a lot easier. read article

Leesa Dean: Adventures in Web Series Creation – The Mistake


by Leesa Dean

So, I created, wrote and animated Chilltown (and Lele’s Ratchet Advice Show.) They’re both cartoons for adults (you know, like South Park.)  They’re both pretty wild. Already described how/why I came up with Chilltown. Recently decided to start keeping an online blog describing the ups and downs of releasing a web series, guerilla style.

What this WON’T be, is a blow-by-blow of what it takes to actually promote one. Mainly cause I’m still sorta stumbling through that. What it will be, is stories/vignettes from the front lines. And my life. Every week. read article

The 100% True Story of How I Taught Myself How to Animate So I Could Launch A Web Series


By Leesa Dean

About five years ago I was at a crossroads.

I’m a writer, lucky enough to have sold a few shows. One to a cable network, a few others to production companies. Unluckily, I’ve never had a show actually go into production. It paid the bills, more or less, but was incredibly creatively frustrating. read article

Peer Production: CHILLTOWN TV


Chilltowntv.com is the official home of the hip-hop oriented, animated web comedy, Chilltown. Based on the hit underground comic book and created, written and animated by Leesa Dean, it revolves around the lives and mis-adventures of three underground hip-hop heads (G, Marv and Plad) straight outta Chilltown, NJ.

More important than the premise, though, is the execution. CHILLTOWN is hip, funny, and authentic. In other words, TVWriter™ really likes it and thinks you will too. read article