Leesa Dean: Adventures in Web Series Creation – The Mistake


by Leesa Dean

So, I created, wrote and animated Chilltown (and Lele’s Ratchet Advice Show.) They’re both cartoons for adults (you know, like South Park.)  They’re both pretty wild. Already described how/why I came up with Chilltown. Recently decided to start keeping an online blog describing the ups and downs of releasing a web series, guerilla style.

What this WON’T be, is a blow-by-blow of what it takes to actually promote one. Mainly cause I’m still sorta stumbling through that. What it will be, is stories/vignettes from the front lines. And my life. Every week.

So pull up. Relax. Grab a drink. You’re gonna need one.


Yep, it’s been written about but until you experience it, you really don’t get it. When you’re creating something, the only thing that keeps you going (especially if you’re not getting paid) is the notion that people will just swarm to your show. After busting my ass for 5 years creating Chilltown (etc.), I really hoped that I would click the “public” button on YouTube, go to sleep that night, wake up with a million views.

Doesn’t work that way. You cannot just pop something up on YouTube and expect it to become viral. In fact, most of the time, you can’t expect it to get views. Did I know this? Kinda. Did I think it applied to me? HELLZ no. And I’m not even a “rules don’t apply to me” person.  It just literally never crossed my mind. Was way too busy in production to think about it.

So that was my first mistake. And it made me realize there was only one thing I knew for sure: there will be others.

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