99U.Com is Hiring Freelance Writers for New Blog


The editorial team behind productivity blog 99U.Com is starting another blog, called Workbook.Com and is looking for freelance writers to staff it.

Sounds like a good gig…which means they might actually pay. Have some salient facts:

99U is a Webby-award winning publication with over a million monthly readers. We also produce the yearly sold-out 99U conference. The mission of 99U is to share pragmatic insights on how to push bold ideas forward — and in many ways, “demystify the creative process.”

Launching in March, Workbook will be the latest editorial project from the 99U team to help provide bite-sized insights, links, and other information to empower creatives. Blog posts will run 50-200 words, contain a visual element (image, info graphic, text treatment, or video), and will be the lighter counterpart to 99U’s features.

Workbook will capture the conversation around creativity and productivity and share those insights with readers. Sometimes that will mean pulling out a quote or relevant insight from a book you’re reading. Other times, it’s sharing an amazing lecture you found on YouTube. We’re most interested in writers than can dig up that obscure insight and push it front and center for our readers

If that appeals to you, then you should know how you can appeal to them:

You crank through several books monthly and your RSS feed reader is loaded. You’re familiar with Behance and 99U and share our mission of empowering the creative world with insights to help make ideas happen. You enjoy thinking and writing about the creative process: whether it’s through art, entrepreneurship, or otherwise. You have your own blog or you’ve written for other publications, know your way around WordPress, and aren’t scared of a little HTML. Bonus points if you are involved in your area’s entrepreneurial or creative communities.

Still with ’em? In that case:

Send 99U Associate Editor Sean Blanda a paragraph or two about why you’d like to write for Workbook. Include at least three links to writing you’re proud of that best matches the style of 99U. Please, don’t send your resume.

If we like your stuff, we’ll do a 2-week trial where you’ll pitch us ideas and we’ll (quickly) give you the thumbs up or thumbs down. After the trial, we’ll work with you to establish a weekly post schedule that make sense for both of us and (eventually) give you a bit more free range to post without checking in with us. Writers will be compensated for all published posts.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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If you go through the process, let us know how it went down…us freelance desperados gotta stick together, you know?