Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 9/23/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

‘Tis the season for deals, deals, everywhere. But not a drop for…alack!…the poor minions slaving at TVWriter™:

  • Ali Rushfield (PARKS & RECREATION) is writing the ABC pilot about a middle-aged woman who finally starts to grow up when she moves in with a couple of 21-year-olds. (Oh well, maybe that idea sounds funny to 21 year old ABC D-girls?)
  • Kristin Newman (THE NEIGHBORS) is also doing an ABC comedy pilot. This one’s called WOMEN & GIRLS and is about a middle-aged woman who moves in with her 20-something half sister. (Quick, somebody sell this one-note network another variation of the theme so we can all collect on the trifecta!)
  • Jordon Nardino (SMASH) is also developing an ABC project, this one a drama called PRINCESS – and, thankfully, not about different generations of women moving in together. Nosirree, instead it’s about a contemporary version of Princess Di. (Oh well, look at the bright side. At least we all know how it’s going to end. After all, nobody watches TV to be surprised, right?)
  • Michael Alaimo (MAJOR CRIMES) has sold a spec pilot called SPEC (how coincidental is that) to NBC. It’s a science fictiony drama based on something guru Deepak Chopra once said. (Which was along the lines that the universe is really a speck that can fit under a person’s fingernail. Get it? “Speck” got turned into “spec,” maybe because the execs were worried that nobody would know what to do with the extra K? Who says development isn’t stranger than the shows it develops?)
  • Casey Wilson & June Diane Raphael (HAPPY ENDINGS, BRIDE WARS) are writing DINKS, another comedy for ABC. (We could swear that we reported on another show with the exact same name and premise – “Double Income No Kids” a few months ago. Guess ABC wasn’t reading this column…then.)

ABC Buys Sitcom Set in the ’50s From 2 Writers Who Were Born in 1980

…So that’s perfect network-think, hands down.


We, however, have to admit that we’re rooting for this one to work. It’s called THE HOUSEWIVES and is about three housewives in 1954, when our blessed mum was, in fact exactly one year old. (What does that have to do with anything? Just trying to show that we have some link to the time period, that’s all.) read article