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How I Blog
by Invisible Mikey

Larry Brody and I are pals. We enjoy each other’s conversation and company. We also enjoy each other’s writing, though we have little in common there except that we get each other’s jokes. Maybe that’s not such a little thing. Larry asked me to write about my “process”, to share with his readers, which is both flattering and amusing. I thought of the Mother Theresa joke. Forgive me if you’ve heard it.

A reporter who was interviewing Mother Theresa asked her if she could have a personal wish fulfilled, what it would be.

“Oh, I would like to see the world at peace.”
“No, I mean something for your personal benefit.”
“Oh, I would like to know that no one anywhere was hungry.”
“No, no, I mean something JUST for you. For you, yourself.”
The revered lady thought silently for a moment…
“Well… I’ve always wanted to direct.” read article

Invisible Mikey: My Trigger


by Invisible Mikey

I was reading Zeenat’s post about daily methods for reinforcing your inner upside (  The first one listed was to Carry a positive Trigger.  She was writing about having a token of something that makes you happy with you at all times.  When you get sidetracked, you can use it to get back in the game of life.  She did not realize that by saying this she reopened a beautiful memory from my early childhood.  I’ve had a positive trigger inside me since I was three!  It’s Trigger himself, the smartest horse in the movies.

Roy Rogers was a former shoe factory worker from Ohio named Leonard Slye.  He reinvented himself and became a beloved singing cowboy in movies and on TV.  In preparation for his first lead role in Under Western Skies (1938),Roy tried out several handsome horses the studio provided.  He was carried along smoothly and rapidly by a six year old palomino named Golden Cloud , but Roy was also impressed at how intelligent and responsive the horse was.  During the shoot, co-star Smiley Burnette remarked that the horse was so quick Roy ought to call him “Trigger”.  And quick he was, a fast learner and a fast runner.  The name stuck. read article

Invisible Mikey: Remembrance of Television Past

And the son of a @#%$ remembers it so well:


Technical Difficulties
by Invisible Mikey
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Invisible Mikey: Yet Another Reason


…to remain invisible.

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Invisible Mikey: Lessons From TV


Mass media impacts lives, and each generation adopts current technology for the sharing of information, communication and entertainment. Five years ago, during my last round of college, I realized how differently my younger colleagues in class were experiencing media than I had. I use the Internet, but I’m a different animal. I was part of the first television generation. During my formative years, it was only available in black and white, and there were no remote controls.

Sometimes I read opinions written by columnists and bloggers who state unequivocally that television can have no positive influence, especially on children who watch. I don’t care what the studies say. I am living proof that TV could influence in meaningful, positive ways. You may prefer to believe I was just lucky, but I learned many important things from watching TV. Here are three: read article