Invisible Mikey: Yet Another Reason


…to remain invisible.

I ran into this by accident when looking for something else.  I had completely forgotten it.  Well, it was 25 years ago.  This was my first “union” job in Hollywood, after I had earned the SAG card.  I got paid a few hundred dollars to shout “YAY!” in the background of the commercial.  I’m turned away from camera.  The bar is a set.  The lead actor, Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee), was a nice-looking but only average-sized man.  Therefore, to make him look big and macho, the bar set and everything in it is just a little bit smaller than the real thing.  I remembered the casting call.  They chose a variety of “looks”, with only one requirement.  You couldn’t be any taller than 5’7”.  The guy on the stool next to Paul talking to him is Leslie Jordan.  He’s just under 5 feet tall.  It’s a good thing I never filmed anything embarrassing, aside from the fact that much of it was bad TV.  This stuff sticks around forever!

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EDITED TO ADD: Thanks, Mikey!