Everything You Need to Know About (Not) Inspector Spacetime

…Which isn’t the same as everything you need to know about the other guy who’s kind of like him, by whom we mean, yes, COMMUNITY’s Inspector Spacetime. Not that there’s anything you need to know about that dood either, come to think of it.

But if you’re interested in the latest homage-within-a-homage wisdom:

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If DOCTOR WHO Were Made in the U.S.A.

…By Dan Harmon and the COMMUNITY gang. (Should that be “former COMMUNITY gang?” We won’t know till we see what the new showrunners come up with, will we?)

From ~tinderbox210

It’s show within a show, see? On COMMUNITY. Or as, ~tinderbox210, the creator of this poster puts it:

This is my newest obsession – a sadly very underrated comedy tv series called COMMUNITY. Those who know the show have probably fallen just as fast as for it as i did, those who don’t – shame on you :P read article