TV Reality Vs. TV Fantasy

by Theresa Wiza

Arthur Godfrey & Alan Funt, who were big deals once upon a time

When Alan Funt’s Candid Camera television program made its debut in 1948, Funt unknowingly created the reality TV genre. From that first hilarious peek into the human spirit came shows like America’s Funniest Videos, Ashton Kutcher’s Punk’d, and more.

The same year Funt debuted Candid Camera, Arthur Godfrey showcased struggling artists in his Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts. read article

Richard Hatem Develping “Procedural” for The CW

Well, the CW is calling the following premise a procedural anyway. Which may be a sign of why they always get these things wrong. Anyway:

CW Developing Case-of-the-Week Drama From ‘Grimm’ Scribe – by Leslie Goldberg read article

Someone We Don’t Know Reviews GRIMM’s Season 2 Premiere

…And he seems to have liked a lot about it. Which makes us smile because we like it too:

Review: NBC’s ‘Grimm’ returns, improved, for season 2 – by Alan Sepinwall read article